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The Power

Beyond Reduced Emissions

For us at Volvo, Euro 6 is just one step on the way. By reducing fuel consumption we reduce total emissions even more – and you will benefit from the cost reduction.

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  • The Vehicles

    Volvo 7900 Hybrid

    The Volvo 7900 Hybrid range takes green efficiency to the next level, far beyond Euro 6 legislation. It’s the most fuel-efficient and reliable hybrid bus on the market, delivering fuel savings of up to 39%.

    Positioned No. 1 hybrid in uptime and on a par with leading diesel buses. With the addition of the new high-capacity articulated model, our hybrid range is a solid foundation for your city fleet renewal.

    Download the brochure (PDF, 10.4 MB) More about the Volvo 7900 Hybrid

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  • The Vehicles

    Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated

    With the new Volvo 7900 Hybrid Artic we not only offer supreme passenger capacity. The hybrid technology gives fuel savings of up to 30% and with our efficient services you can raise that figure by at least 5-6%.

    Volvo has taken a firm lead in hybrid technology, environmental performance and reliability, proven by almost 1,000 hybrid buses sold. In fact, our range of low-floor city buses is now all-hybrid and Euro 6-compliant.

    Download the brochure (PDF, 10.4 MB) More about the Volvo 7900 Hybrid Articulated

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  • The Vehicles

    Volvo 8900

    The Volvo 8900 will meet all needs in intercity and commuting operations. Highly versatile thanks to a wide range of variants, yet firmly focused on reducing operating costs.

    Our new Euro 6 engine provides excellent performance and driveability – with low fuel consumption. Count on maximum uptime, reliability and safety for your investment.

    Download the brochure (PDF, 10.3 MB) More about the Volvo 8900

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  • The Vehicles

    Volvo 9500

    The Volvo 9500 is a good first step into the Volvo coach range. It’s highly cost-efficient for medium range travel and line-haul.

    The new and very fuel-efficient Euro 6 engine provides excellent driveability with reduced fuel consumption. Count on Volvo-class uptime, reliability and safety for your investment.

    Download the brochure (PDF, 10.1 MB) More about the Volvo 9500

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  • The Vehicles

    Volvo 9700

    The Volvo 9700 is your ultimate business tool, delivering both productivity and versatility in every application. A well-equipped coach that is easy to adapt to your specific operation.

    Comfortable charter? Untiring line-haul? Perhaps both? With new appealing design and a new fuel-efficient yet highly responsive Euro 6 engine, it appeals to drivers and passengers alike.

    Download the brochure (PDF, 10.7 MB) More about the Volvo 9700

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  • The Vehicles

    Volvo 9900

    The Volvo 9900 is a true first-class experience for passengers and drivers alike. A luxury coach that brings superior comfort, quality and inspiration to the next level.

    No matter how long the journey, even your most demanding customers will remember it with pleasure. So will your drivers, after driving the new fuel-efficient yet highly responsive Euro 6 engine.

    Download the brochure (PDF, 11.3 MB) More about the Volvo 9900

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  • The Vehicles


    A Volvo chassis is the backbone of good bus and coach business. Our highly fuel-efficient Euro 6 engines and value-adding services ensure lifecycle productivity. Count on maximum uptime, reliability and safety for your investment.

    Download the D8K engine fact sheet (PDF, 1.5 MB) Download the D11K engine brochure (PDF, 1.5 MB)

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The Business Partnership

  • Go the Extra Miles

    Vehicles not only create a profitable business. Value-adding services are equally important. With Volvo as your business partner you get exactly what you need.

  • Volvo Bus Driver Training

    A training programme where bus and coach drivers are informed about how their driving behaviour impacts fuel consumption, passenger comfort, vehicle lifetime and many other aspects of a profitable and successful operation.

    More about Volvo Bus Driver Training

  • Volvo Bus Fleet Management

    A real-time data-based service specifically developed for bus and coach operation, providing detailed information on every vehicle. Fuel consumption, emissions, driving profile, all kinds of technical alerts and events as well as positioning data are presented in clear and concise reports.

    More about Volvo Bus Fleet Management

  • Volvo Bus I-Coaching

    An add-on service to Fleet Management. The driver receives real-time feedback on acceleration, braking and cornering, thus being kept aware of and coached on his or her driving behaviour. I-Coaching requires a basic installation of Fleet Management in order to capture and process real-time data.

    More about Volvo Bus I-Coaching

  • Volvo Bus Hybrid Battery Contract

    An assurance of hybrid battery performance. By following up the vehicle’s operational data Volvo Buses can monitor each vehicle’s hybrid and battery system in order to secure the benefits of hybrid technology. The operator therefore no longer needs to worry about the need for expensive battery replacement.

    More about Volvo Bus Hybrid Battery Contract

  • Volvo Bus Vehicle Management

    A service aimed at keeping uptime as close to 100% as possible and each necessary workshop visit to a minimum in terms of time and cost. An individual service plan gives each vehicle an optimised service interval, and by using real-time data the interval can be adjusted to actual usage and driving conditions.

    More about Volvo Bus Vehicle Management

  • Volvo Bus Parts Supply

    Ensures the availability of Genuine Volvo Parts and right-sizing of the spare parts stock. This means that downtime can be kept to a minimum and workshop efficiency is improved. The Parts Supply service is available regardless of whether the operator has a complete workshop or relies on the Volvo Buses service network.

    More about Volvo Bus Parts Supply

  • Volvo Bus Service Contracts

    Service Contracts give the customer the desired level of assurance against unplanned stops and costs, at a fixed monthly rate. Three different levels are available; Blue, Silver and Gold. For all levels the customer has the possibility of individually configuring and tailoring the contract.

    More about Volvo Bus Service Contracts

  • Volvo Bus Traffic Management

    The most prominent of the telematics-based services. By tracking every vehicle and comparing incoming data to the set schedule, the traffic control office, drivers and passengers can be kept up to date on waiting times and possible delays. In addition the operator has access to a wide spectrum of information for improving and simplifying operations, both short-term on a daily basis and long-term through statistics and reports.

    More about Volvo Bus Traffic Management

  • Volvo Bus Financing

    Gives the operator a financial partner who really understands the customer’s business. Various financial solutions are available, always with the customer’s business performance in focus.

    More about Volvo Bus Financing

  • Volvo Bus Refurbishment

    Extends the life of a Volvo bus or coach. Interior, exterior and mechanical upgrades make the vehicle as good as new. The service is especially suitable for operators who move vehicles into new assignments where equipment and colours are different and where a fresh vehicle means improved customer satisfaction.

    More about Volvo Bus Refurbishment

  • Volvo Action Service

    A Europe-wide assistance service, open 24/7. Multilingual phone support and a range of assistance services guarantee maximum uptime and minimum standstills.

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